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  • Kasım 5, 2020

How To Buy BIG on UniSwap

To trade on UniSwap we only need two things, a smartphone with the Trust Wallet app and some Ethereum,Install the Trust Wallet app on your smartphone.

Complete the setup and preserve your 12-Word seed safely.
After Trust Wallet is installed and the setup is complete, all we have to do is deposit some Ethereum on your wallet, if you have deposited some Ethereum, we can now start trading.

Click Trust Wallet in-app browser.

Insert the following URL into the top search bar:

and visit them afterwards.

If you don’t have any ETH in your new wallet yet, now is the time to send ETH to your new ETH address. Send ETH to your new ETH address on Trust wallet.You will be trading BIG/ETH pair; we also have BIG/USDT trading pair too.

Confirm your selection with Coinfirm Swap,several confirmation requests / windows may open, this is normal, please confirm each of them.After you have confirmed everything, you will see the message “Transaction Submitted”, so that you have successfully informed the system of your trade. Depending on the workload of the system, it can now take up to 20 minutes until you receive your BIG. it usually only took us 2–6 minutes, depending on the situation after system utilization.

Payment Method 2

Now you need to transfer amount to our wallet address as below.


İmportant: You can send eth or usdt from any exchange, but the wallet address from which you will receive ico must be a Trust Wallet, Metamask or Mew wallet.
• Bigcoin tokens will be sent to your wallet after 6 -12 hours at the latest.
• You can send an e-mail to info@bigcoin address for any questions, problems or opinions.

You can get information from our Bigcoin telegram group.

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