What is Bigcoin?

  • Ekim 15, 2020

BigCoin is a decentralized ethereum based token which is used for bidding at auction sales and shopping.World’s best Decentralized Auction, Selling and Shopping Platform.

While BigCoin offers transparency to all users, it offers solutions to the auction system. BigCoin is use traditional auction highest bidders purchase the product. Such methods may cause the product to be sold more than its value.The sales method on our platform is not price oriented. With BigCoin auction platform the last bidder within a certain period of time will own the product that sold.Transactions are made using one BigCoin for each bid.We are also launching our auction site, which is unique in the world.

What is The Revenue Model Of Bigcoin ?

As with classic ICOs, you can leave your business not to chance, but to the magic world of mathematics.Win every moment with the supply-demand balance, which is the first rule of economics Our auction platform is not price-oriented but bid-oriented.Therefore, careful users have the chance to wining the auction by using bigcoin on this platform.Not only bitcoin but all cryptocurrencies accepted in the world are sold by bidding method.Anyone who is patient and fast has a chance to win on this platform.

What is an auction?

It is to enable you to sell any product or service at a price you specify and make a price increase that you will determine, and sell the highest price to the bidder.You can sell your product or service to the highest bidder by auction method. Online auctions on the internet. For sellers,  online auctions open up new sales channels for new products and offer buyers favorable purchasing conditions.

Where is the Bigcoin used?

Users can bid and participate in auctions using bigcoin at auction or on shopping sites.Bigshop.tv members can sell products, participate in services and auctions using bigcoin.Bigshop.tv offers you a structure that allows you to create your own e-commerce space.You use Bigcoin when selling products, services and auctions. Bigcoin will be used in many shopping and auction sites in the future with its partner companies.(Please visit our site for Bigcoin and Bigshop roadmap.)

To read more about the platform, you can now read our white paper from the website;

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